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With the ever-growing population size, food and nutrition insecurity has become one of the biggest challenges in sub-Saharan Africa while the continent is endowed with a rich agricultural diversity that can be valued to overcome hunger and poverty. Unfortunately, the region is critically short in plant breeders capable to develop cultivars and stimulate seed systems that meet communities’ needs in the face of climate change. MoBreed (Mobility for Breeders in Africa), a consortium of five African universities together with one European technical partner, intends to:

  1. produce 10 high profile plant breeders (PhD holders) that will address current and future challenges related to climate change and agriculture with focus on at least 10 promising underutilized plant species of Africa …

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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for travelling scholars The pandemic continues to develop dynamically and is a cause for concern in the partners’ countries. To this end, COVID-19 test is mandatory for all trip, and it is recommendable to check the regulations in terms of requirements in your host and home institutions before any trip.  If…

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